Bandhas/KriyasTechniques for yoga practice and life

The strength needed to sustain the physical body in an  asana practice as well as all activities of life, relies on more than just the muscles. The Bandhas are energetic locks in the body that bring Prana – Vital Life Force Energy – to the core of the body. They are what help create lightness in the body.

The Bandha portion of this module will cover what the bandhas are and how they can be used to enhance an asana practice as well as a meditation practice.The benefits of Mulabandha (root lock), Uddiyanabandha (diaphragm lock), and Jalandharabandha (throat lock) will be discussed. In addition we will practice these techniques in various ways so that they become a familiar and useful tool to enhance the practice.

The Kriya portion of this module will cover the six Sat Kriyas (purification techniques) and Kriya Breathing Techniques including a discussion and practice session of Kapalabhati.


This module is presented by Laurie Ahlemann and is offered at Bonda Yoga conveniently located in Great Neck for those living in Nassau County and Queens.

It is also offered at Simplicity Yoga in Kings Park, Suffolk County

The hours for this module can be counted as CEU’s for Yoga Alliance registry or applied toward a 500 hour certification.

Dates: June 2014 at Simplicity Yoga in Kings Park

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Sunday March 2 2014 at Bonda Yoga in Great Neck

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Bandhas/Kriyas Module