Pranayama Basics

Pranayama Basics WorkshopThe Pranayama Basics workshop will cover the 5 pranas – Prana, Apana, Samana, Vyana and Udana, and the directions they all travel through our bodies. Once we understand the power of the ebb and flow of our breath we can then utilize this energy for exceptional health and vitality. Learning Pranayama Basics can help us deepen our yoga practice, meditation practice and enhance all aspects of our lives.Pranayama means extension of the life force. When the breath is constricted due to stress, anxiety or just habitual breathing patterns, the Prana (vital life force energy) is restricted. This leads to the body being depleted of this vital energy creating imbalances in the energy body.

The Pranayama Basics module will give you the tools to begin practicing this subtle art of bretah control and give you the tools to systematically take your students through their exploration of pranayama as well.


This module is presented by Laurie Ahlemann and is offered at Bonda Yoga conveniently located in Great Neck for those living in Nassau County and Queens.

It is also offered at Simplicity Yoga in Kings Park, Suffolk County

The hours for this module can be counted as CEU’s for Yoga Alliance registry or applied toward a 500 hour certification.

Date: June 2014 at Simplicity Yoga in Kings Park

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Date: Sunday February 2 2014 at Bonda Yoga in Great Neck

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Pranayama Basics