Sequencing I & II

Sequencing I & II 

The Sequencing I & II module builds the foundation of the Prana Shakti Flow Sequencing Method with very specific and deliberate sequencing which focuses on the energetic components of yoga postures. The Prana Shakti Flow Energetic Sequencing Method is based on an easy to use format that will enable you to create memorable sequences that work with the physical and energetic alignment of the body.

The energetic principles are based in the Yin Yang philosophy. Just as the symbol represents both halves becoming the whole, the Prana Shakti Flow Sequencing method incorporates these energies that already exist within us and brings our awareness to it by the specific order in which the postures are taught. You will be able to teach fun and educational sequences which keep your students safe and are easy for you to remember due to the easy to follow format.

In the Sequencing I & II module will we cover how to create memorable physical and philosophical themes.

This module is presented by Laurie Ahlemann and is offered at Bonda Yoga conveniently located in Great Neck for those living in Nassau County and Queens.

It is also offered at Simplicity Yoga in Kings Park, Suffolk County

The hours for this module can be counted as CEU’s for Yoga Alliance registry or applied toward a 500 hour certification.

Dates: Sunday May 2014 at Simplicity Yoga in Kings Park

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Sunday January 19 2014 at Bonda Yoga in Great Neck

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Sequencing Module