Chakra/Nadis I

Chakra/Nadis I -The Chakra/Nadis I module will cover the seven major chakras – location in the body and qualities associated with each one creating a map toward physical and emotionally well-being. It will also cover the nadis and how these energy channels affect the chakras and the physical body.

This module is presented by Laurie Ahlemann and Trish Gandolfo. It is offered at Bonda Yoga conveniently located in Great Neck for those living in Nassau County and Queens.

It is also offered at Simplicity Yoga in Kings Park, Suffolk County

The hours for this module can be counted as CEU’s for Yoga Alliance registry or applied toward a 500 hour certification.

Dates: June 2014 at Simplicity Yoga in Kings Park

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Saturday March 1 2014 at Bonda Yoga in Great Neck

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Chakra/Nadis I Module