About Prana Shakti Flow

What is Prana Shakti Flow™?

Prana Shakti Flow is an energetic and alignment- based vinyasa flow practice, influenced by the ISHTA tradition. One of the physical elements of this flow is a strong focus on – cardiovascular strength, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and a strong emphasis on core integration. The other element of this unique flow is the releasing aspect of Yin Yoga, which lengthens connnective tissue and maintains proper range of motion in the joints, resulting in more prana (energy) flowing through the body.

The Prana Shakti Flow Energetic Sequencing Method takes into consideration the energetic components that exist in each Asana, as well as the subtle energy systems of the body. This unique sequence leaves the practitioner energetically balanced in mind and body after every class.
Prana Shakti Flow vinyasa meets each practitioner at their level – beginner or advanced, and allows them to embrace his or her own unique experience by bringing deeper awareness to the physical as well as the energetic bodies. The realization of abundance in life will become our reality. Our time spent on the mat becomes a lesson…As we learn to flow through the postures with ease, grace and equanimity, we take these lessons off the mat and apply them in our lives.

“Prana Shakti Flow is an intimate dance with your soul. It allows you to look inside and love who you really are.” – Lisa B. TT 2010

“I would describe Prana Shakti Flow as the energetic and essential “breath of life” practice that comes in to the body and the various energy centers, allowing us to connect to our inner-self and let go.” – Kim D. TT 2009

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