In January of 2010 I went through my first 200 hour training with my teacher and mentor Laurie Ahlemann at the Long Island Yoga School. I was scared because I wasn’t very experienced only having taken gym yoga classes, never consistently for a few years up until that point.  I was the youngest in my training and intimidated by my peers who had been practicing for much longer than myself. Laurie took me under her wing and guided me through my training with love and compassion and told me that I would be fine. She saw the teacher in me before I saw the teacher in myself. After completing my 200 hour training I began to teach at Laurie’s studio, Bonda Yoga in Great Neck, NY. I quickly learned how well my training prepared me to teach right away. I continued my training with a mentor program shortly after and then went right on to the 300 hour program. As I branched out to teach in gyms, other studios and privates I realized I was always being complimented on my knowledge and ability to teach any student who wanted to learn. I always wanted to have my own studio and Laurie gave me the necessary tools to feel confident enough to branch out on my own.

I opened Yoga Palms in Long Beach, NY in June of 2012 and am always told by my students, some of which who have practiced elsewhere prior to coming to me that they have learned more from me in the short time I’ve been opened than years of practicing elsewhere. I truly believe Long Island Yoga School provides people with a thorough training and have watched my peers all succeed in different ways. We all took a different path because this training will prepare you for whatever you choose to teach whether it be beginners, meditation classes, advanced asana, kids, open level classes or just to deepen your own practice. I am always proud to say where I was trained and you can tell a Long Island Yoga School graduate from the rest because of the detailed program we went through. I highly recommend this training for anyone interested in deepening their practice with or without the desire to teach as the end result. You won’t be disappointed. I made life-long friends in my trainings and a mentor who is always there for us. You are never just a number but part of a family and community that will help you grow not only as a teacher but as a person. I am forever grateful I found Laurie and the Long Island Yoga School.

Dana Healy

Owner – Yoga Palms, Long Beach


Laurie has created a program that is so comprehensive that it truly does offer a real immersion into studying yoga, philosophically and anatomically.   The energetic sequencing not only keeps students safe, but offers the teacher a model to ensure that his or her classes are always meaningful and well-rounded.  I loved this program and now as a studio owner I know that I can safely hire any graduate of LIYS and get a well-qualified teacher.  It’s such a great school!

Rosanne Sihler

Owner – Simplicity Yoga – Kings Park