300 Hour Teacher Training Certification Program

300 Hour Teacher Training Certification Program

January 11 – November 9  2014
Location: Bonda Yoga in Great Neck, Long Island

The 300 Hour Teacher Training  Certification Program at the Great Neck location can be taken as a full program or a module program. Please see below for payment options for both types of programs.

This is an ongoing program that you can start anytime. Please contact us for details.

The 300 Hour Teacher Training  Certification Program is available in Great Neck ONLY. However, if Simplicity Yoga is a closer location, all requirements may be taken there but all lectures will take place in Great Neck.

Our 300 hour yoga teacher training  is an on-going module program so you can begin at anytime! Just contact us for information on how to get started with little money down. The option to take the full program is still available. In addition, one year of unlimited yoga classes is included with the tuition price. Please see below for all payment options.

There are 100 hours that are elective hours so you can take workshops and specialty trainings that interest you and your specific  goals as a yoga teacher. Any workshop/training taken up to one year prior to the start of your training at Long Island Yoga School can be applied to these 100 elective hours. You can also take additional courses through Long Island Yoga School, Bonda Yoga, Simplicity Yoga or any other studio/facility of your choice. Some options are listed on the Advanced Training page of this website.

You can also go to Bonda Yoga or Simplicity Yoga for a list of available workshops. ALL workshops at both studios can be applied to a Prana Shakti Flow 500 hour certification and/or CEU’s for Yoga Alliance.

The Prana Shakti Flow 300 Hour Teacher Training Certification Program is for teachers already certified at the 200 hour level. Just like the 200 Hour Program, we will mentor you from beginning to end of the program and after that too!

Our program consists of:

Advanced Techniques in our Energetic Sequencing Method – We build upon the format taught in the 200 hour training giving you the ability to be creative in your sequencing while still attaining an energetically balanced class.

Advanced Theme Building – We not only offer you numerous physical/philosophical themes that are creative, fun and informative, but we show you how you to create themes that are memorable and teach your students complex yogic philosophy in an easy to understand manner.

Meditation Theory & Format – We cover the physiological aspects of meditation and offer you a specific format to lead successful meditation groups and individual sessions.

Hands on Assisting – Students build on the ability to deliver clear cues learned in the 200 hour teacher training, by learning how to assist a student deeper into a pose, safely and effectively. You will also have an opportunity to mentor 200 hour trainees in this subject as well as some others.

Teaching from your Truth & Finding your Authentic Voice – With the foundations of teaching under your belt, we now delve deeper into the lifestyle & philosophy of living yoga to help you uncover your truth. These teachings draw you deeper within yourself, and offer a clear understanding of your own uniqueness, ultimately leading to your authentic self emerging in your teaching and every aspect of life.

Other subjects covered:

Advanced Pranayama, Deeper Understanding of Chakras, Nadis & Subtle Bodies, Study of Classical Yogic Texts, and Yoga Anatomy.

Please see our Book Store for our 300 Hour required reading.

If you are not a graduate of the Prana Shakti Flow 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program you will need to purchase the PSF 200 hour manal as well as the PSF meditation CD at a cost of $65.

Payment Plans

Option 1 -

Full program from January – November – runs every year

Paid in Full – $3200 includes Yearly Unlimited Yoga Classes -Save $200

Payment Plan – $700 for Unlimited Yearly and 4 payments of $625

Option 2 -

Module Program – start anytime

Pay in full – $3200 and save $200 while still taking the modules at your own pace as they fit into your schedule. Unlimited year of classes included.

Payment Plan - $700 for Unlimited Yearly and 4 payments of $675 while still taking the modules at your own pace as they fit into your schedule

Pay as you go - Pay for each module as they come up – $700 for Unlimited Yearly due at the start of first module.

In addition we have an option to begin the one on one mentoring portion of the training-

$1000 includes: one year of unlimited yoga classes, all your class and assisting requirements, a one hour private session to assess what your goals are and customize the mentorship for you and also includes the advanced sequencing module which is offered two times a year. Start anytime!

Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal accepted

Note: There is a $200 non-refundable processing fee included in price

For more information, please contact us at 917-757-0922 or Contact Us

My experience at the Long Island Yoga School was a very positive one. I have successfully completed the 300-hour program given by Laurie Ahlemann. Her presentation was excellent and the course was well structured. Thank you Laurie for helping me to improve my personal practice and teaching skills through ‘Prana Shakti Flow’. I would recommend your program to anyone who would like to get a higher education in the Ancient Science of Yoga. – Theresa Rossini, RYT 500

I am so grateful for the amazing 300 Hour Teacher Training program with Laurie Ahlemann at Long Island Yoga School. I have come away with more knowledge, skill and confidence. It seemed like the program was customized to give me exactly what I was hoping for. I have a greater knowledge of the effects of proper sequencing and have the guidelines to create my classes much more efficiently and quickly. Through the guided hands on experience with assisting and adjusting, I feel confident to help my students deepen their practices. I have also deepened my knowledge of yoga philosophy and meditation which benefits my own practice as well as my teaching.  I tried to spend as much time as possible taking, observing and assisting Laurie’s classes since she has an abundance of knowledge that she shares so generously. I still take her classes every week even though I have graduated. The other teachers that Laurie brought to the program were experts in their fields and brought a high level of excellence to their workshops.  I highly recommend this well organized, thorough and exceptional program. – Lauren Petricca RYT 500

It is with heartfelt thanks and gratitude that I express what a great and wonderful experience it was to participate in the 300/500 hour program. The asana labs and sequence lectures were very informative, easy to comprehend, and will continue to be a factor towards my teaching in years to come. – Garcia Simon-Clarke RYT 500